Building Process


Contract Signing / Design Edits

After the contract is signed, you will meet with the design team to make any changes required to add your own personal touch to the floor plan. During that time you will have an opportunity to customize your floor plan and make design changes. Once the the architect has competed the changes and we have reviewed them with you to gain final approval, we will apply for a building permit. The permit process varies and can take a week or two.  Construction will begin only after the plans have been approved by the local building department. The start of construction on your home will depend heavily on scheduling and may begin as soon as permits are received, but usually begins within 60 days of a ratified contract. Your home will take approximately 4 to 5 months from start to completion once construction has begun. This time frame will vary depending on the complexity of your home, any unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions. In order to deliver each new homeowner finest product, we want to take the time necessary to make sure you receive the high quality home that Port St. Lucie Properties is known for.

New Home Design Center
Shell new home construction



During the construction phase, we ask each client to remain off of the site unless prior arrangements have been made with the project manager.  To ensure the safety of all of our clients and to comply with insurance and OSHA requirements, only authorized personnel are allowed onto the property

Once the lot has been cleared, we stake out the lot.  Staking out the lot means that the boundaries of your home will be set up for excavation. The forms will be created in order to pour the footers and slab. This usually takes about a week weather permitting.  Once the forms are complete, the plumbing and electrical ground work will commence.  Upon successfully passing an inspection, the mono poured slab and footers will be poured and the concrete will be allowed to “cure” before the concrete block shell will be constructed.  This is the time when things really start to take shape.  The shell, consisting of the exterior walls and roof will rise up from the slab in a relatively short period of time and once the trusses are sheeted with plywood, the roof will be covered with tar paper to keep moisture out.  Once the shell has been completed the home is then framed which can take a week or two depending on weather and complexity and size of the home. Because our homes are hand framed and we have a wide variety of models, the time frame varies for each house.


Roofing / Rough-Out

Roofing and stucco (masonry) or siding are then applied to the home. Exterior masonry is sometimes applied after drywall. Almost simultaneously rough plumbing, rough wiring, wind bracing (strapping), fire proofing and rough HVAC systems are installed and prepared for inspection. Each step of this process must be inspected by the local building inspector to ensure that the home is safe, that it meets or exceeds the standards for fire, wind and rain, that it is environmentally sound and that everything hidden by drywall is built to the highest standards. The “rough-out” can take two to three weeks before it is ready for inspection.

Insulation and drywall come next. This process usually takes a week or two followed by the installation of trim and railings, paint, hardwood, tile, kitchen and bathrooms. Once this phase has been completed, your home will take shape and look more like the finished product you so eagerly await. At this point, settlement is drawing near.

Roof Installation on New Home
Kitchen Appliance and Countertop Installation


Electrical / Appliances

The final electrical and light installation, final HVAC and plumbing are next followed by countertops, back splash and carpet.  Appliances are then delivered, installed, and checked out and the owner’s manuals are gathered and saved to be delivered to you at settlement.

The exterior of the home may be completed during this time depending on weather and scheduling. Your driveway, service walks, public walks and grading and sod are then installed (please note that grading, the installation of sod and driveway installation often do not occur during inclement weather so these items may have to be completed after shortly after closing). A team of specialists called “punch-out” carpenters walk the house adjusting doors, locks, windows and drawers, touch up nicks, painted walls, and identify any items that need repair or replacement so that the day you move in, your home will be 100% complete.  Any defects identified are placed on an order list and installed prior to settlement or placed on a “We Owe You List” that guarantee the repair will be completed after settlement. Final cleaning, final walk through, settlement and issuance of the certificate of occupancy are the final steps taken before we hand you your keys and the home is yours to occupy.


After Settlement

We take pride in delivering your home to you free from defects of any kind.  To ensure this takes place, each homeowner is encouraged to make a list of overlooked items and present it to the project manager or sales agent within 30 days of settlement so our crews can quickly and efficiently address them at that time.

Completed Home

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